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PPE Conference

About Us.

UK Undergraduate PPE Conference is a global non-profit undergraduate conference. It welcomes submissions of student research from all areas of the humanities and social sciences—with a specific focus on issues pertaining to politics, economics, and philosophy. 

The overarching aim of this conference is to give students a platform where they are able to showcase their original research in different fields of the humanities and social sciences, to foster dialogue and critical thinking, and thereby promote research in humanities and social science more generally. By inviting established researchers in different fields as keynote speakers, we look to provide an opportunity for students to learn about the value and inner workings of academia, and grow their academic network.


You may get a chance to win one of three prizes.

This conference has no registration fee. Meanwhile, we will have rewards for three outstanding researchers.

This award is given to the student whose paper submission demonstrates the highest level of academic rigor and originality. Our focus is here not only on the content of the research but also the quality of writing.

This award is given to the student whose conference presentation. Beyond the content of the student’s research, we are here also looking for rhetorical excellence.

This award is given to the student whose overall work demonstrates exceptional academic potential—as a writer, presenter, and a thinker.


Important Dates

Submission Guidlines

All current undergraduate students are eligible to submit their papers.

The conference has a rigorous peer-review process. This means that all the papers are evaluated by a group of experts in the same field to make sure it meets the necessary standards for acceptance.


We welcome papers from all areas of humanities and social science, as well as papers from computational social science, with a special focus on papers with an explicit focus on issues of politics, economics, and philosophy.

Abstract Guidline

Make sure to keep your abstract pithy and to the point, and respect the hard 300-word word limit. Paper Submission guideline.

Paper Submission Guideline

Citation: Your paper should follow one of the standard citation formats (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) clearly and consistently. Uncited work and poorly cited work will be immediately barred from consideration.

Length: 5000-word hard limit.

Title: Feel free to title your paper itself as you like. However, be sure to title your file using the format: LASTNAME.FIRSTNAME.SUBJECT-AREA.TITLE
(e.g. Smith.Bob.Politics.The Cold Wars: Then and Now).

Please submit your abstract and paper to [email protected]

Presentation Guidline

Length: Hard 15 minute-limit for the presentation, and 5-10 minutes for Q and A.

Presentation style: We strongly encourage the use of a slide deck; however, you may choose to go without one, if you believe you are able to deliver your presentation effectively without it. If you are presenting with a deck, make sure to share the deck via email with us beforehand.